Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Moods

Can I be cranky today? It won't last, but honestly I think one cranky day a year is allowed. Oops! This is only January. Maybe I should hold off until say. . . June? Okay, cranky day cancelled. Now let's get on with something that might make us laugh or will at least be interesting. How about some history or a few pity quotes?


I'm not going to bore you. I promise. Besides if I do my faithful readers will let me know. I can't risk that.

This was a 1914 Chevy. Why is this in the least interesting? Well, what you see here is a leap forward in transportation. This was the first car to to include the standard features of a windshield, speedometer, headlamps and colored paint at no extra charge. Passengers could now smile while they sped along and not risk swallowing bugs.

I must write a book that can include this vehicle. It begs for description, doesn't it? And it has a WINDSHIELD! You can tell how fast you're going. You can see where you're going after the sun sets. It doesn't have to be black like your Model T.  People, this is book worthy.

I have a couple of quotes for this week. One is by Alexander Hamilton. It really made me think a bit about a few pending decisions. I do not fall into the "well-adjusted" category. But that's a good thing in this case, right?

"A well-adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice without getting nervous."

Then there's this one that's going to pull me off any high horse I might mount in 2012.

"Moral indignation is just jealousy with a halo around it." H.G. Wells, you know that guy who wrote some stuff.

So I've worked through my crankiness. Thanks for letting me do that. If you write books you know all of that "cranky stuff" was about not being able to get something right in my WIP. What do you do when that happens? Will you share some hints about how to "un-cranky" yourself. You've seen how I do it--I set the mind loose and then voila, I'm . . .
Also I just got a very nice review over at Beverly Stow McClures blog. That helped easy me into the two step!


  1. I wish I knew what to do when I didn't get something right, or even that something wasn't right! LOL

  2. Ok number one, that car is awesome. Two, I don't think you should limit yourself to one cranky day per year. Maybe it should be one per month. Just saying :)

  3. I really like that first quote! And yes, maybe you should allow one cranky day a month.

  4. If I'm drafting and I know a part isn't coming out right, I skip it and write a different part. If I'm editing and I find something that isn't working, I mark it for later and move on. Sometimes time is what you need to figure things out.

  5. One cranky day a year is just a setup for failure. I agree that at least one a month is the bare minimum one should be allowed! If I can't make something work, I get cranky, fume and rant about it, then switch gears entirely. Use a different part of the brain, take a walk, play with teh dogs, make a pot of soup or knit....changing things up can be like opening the windows on a stuffy day.

  6. I love quotes from HG Wells, one of my favorite writers. And I'm kinda cranky today too. Although I prefer the word cantankerous.

  7. It's okay to be cranky, just so long as you let us know, which you have. That way when you get edgy we understand why. Loved that book about Hamilton! Of course he's a homeboy don't you know, raised as he was on St. Croix. (And I'm sure I've made the same mistake more than once several times!)

  8. Glad you got over your crankiness & I'm glad windshields became standard.

    I just finished watching the Infinite Worlds of HG Wells which is really fantastic.

  9. I think those details about the 1914 Chevy are fascinating. Learn somethin' new every day, huh? Thank you! Well, when I get cranky, I eat a huge bowl of ice cream. Or two! Yep, I'm bad!

  10. I think it is totally fine to be cranky one in a while! Sometimes when I am cranky I am not productive at all and other times I somehow get a lot done! I usually get out of my cranky mood when something funny happens- but I can't predict what will do it! I absolutely love that car. I can imagine everyone was excited to have a car with a windshield. We sure are spoiled now!


  11. When I'm cranky, I allow myself some time to read for fun. That usually jumps my inspiration-battery. :)

  12. Love the car! My husband and I used to go to old car shows all the time when we lived in New York.

  13. Shoot - I didn't know I only got one cranky day each year. I went and wasted mine today. Bummer.


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