Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Special--Tag! You're It!

Nothing in the rules says you can't have fun while writing books Yay! So Shelly Koon over at Dark Writes is passing the fun around with a game of TAG.  Writer's Platform Building Campaign people, here I come.

Here's how it works: I bore you with 10 exciting, tantalizing . . . okay, boring things about ME! Then I run around to a few blogs and pounce on them with my, "You're it!" No obligation, of course. Just do it if it feels right for you.

1. I'm a real sissy about heights. Glass elevators are the worst.

2. When I was ten I was in an orchestra, playing (really) a violin.

3. I'm basically lazy and I'll procrastinate doing something until I absolutely have to. (Shhh. This is a secret.)

4. I so hate circuses.

5. When it comes to sharing, I'm not good at it. Ask my sister.

6. Once I ate an ant. (Okay, I was five. I was curious. I'm not curious anymore.) Sorry ant.

7. I was sure I was going to be an archeologist when I grew up. Didn't happen.

8. Since I have an ocean a few miles from me, I still body surf, but not like I did when I lived in San Diego.

9. I can eat three lobsters at one sitting. My stomach prefers I don't do that.

10. Blogging doesn't come naturally to me. (This is a huge surprise, right?)

Now on to my Tag Buddies:

Rachael, I know you're a busy lady, but if you have a moment, go tag somebody!

Carrie Butler. She's a great Campaigner. Your it!

Rebecca Enzo: Another one who has a natural talent for blogging.

Meredith Mansfield. Wanna play?


  1. It's totally awesome that you think blogging comes naturally to me ;) Talking about myself comes naturally for sure, but sticking to a blogging schedule? Ha! :)

    Thanks for tagging me! I'll post my 10 things next Tuesday :)

  2. I hate circuses, too! They are completely depressing to me - sitting in a hot, smelly tent and watching sad-looking animals parade around. And glass elevators give me major vertigo...ick.

  3. Haha! I'm afraid of circuses, too! It's those freaky clowns! I hope the ant was chocolate covered!

  4. Looks like we have an anti circus group here. And that ant was au natural, Samantha. Burnt like hell.

  5. What a fun idea, Lee! I'll be checking back to see how it goes. Working my way through a rather formidable to-do list this week! Hope you're enjoying some lovely fallish weather ... Daisy

  6. I tried to eat a slug once because I thought it was saved my life.

  7. Great interview!

    And I'm a total neurotic when it comes to heights too!

  8. Your list made me laugh, especially about the ant! You brave soul, still body surfing. Wow, that's impressive. No, I never would have guessed that blogging doesn't come naturally for you. Well, you sure had us fooled. Sounds like you're having fun with the campaign. That's great! Oh, I passed on the One to Follow award in my post today and I mentioned you. That's such a cool award! Thanks again.

  9. Hi saw you on Twitter #writecampaign and i just wanted to say Hi. I enjoyed your ten--it seems like blogging does come naturally for you! :)

  10. 3 lobsters! *goggling eyes* Wait - w/ or w/o butter? If you ate them with butter, I am officially amazed. I can barely finish one.

  11. I love this! Thanks for making me laugh. I hope someone tags me with this one day. It seems like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  12. Hah! #6 killed me. (I'm glad you're not curious anymore! *grins*)

    What a fun post! Thank you for tagging me. I'll try to get something together in a day or two. :D

  13. I hate the circus too! It breaks my heart to see all the animals confined. Ants taste like pepper - that I remember ;)

    Next time I am down in your area we should go get coffee/tea - we really do have a lot of commonalities Lee!

  14. Hi love your ten. I get a bit wary of heights too.


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