Thursday, August 4, 2011

In The Throes of Thursday--Storytelling

I love to hear stories told out loud and I love to be read stories, don't you? While I was in Northern California driving through the wee towns and across the open high dessert, I stopped at places that were perfect for storytelling. Here's one.

Gerlach is home to Burning Man--one of most challenging outward bound events anyone has ever created. Want to know more about this? Here's the BEST DESCRIPTION I've read. It makes me want to clean up my bike and go for the ride across that 107 degree dessert.

 There has to be a scene in my next story about a water tower.

Here's downtown Gerlach. I wanted to buy the carved moose that was in the front yard, but the car said no. Guess I'll have to create a story about that moose and how much it called to me that day. 

Do you have places that turn you into a storyteller or make you yearn for the stories they have tucked inside them? I have one more of these places to share and I'll do it next week on Monday Miscellany. Hope to see you there because it's an interesting story and there's something really special about it. 


  1. These photos and your commentary have been so interesting, Lee. I can see why they get your creative juices flowing. Old towns hold so many stories.

  2. Love that water tower picture!

    I was recently doing some research for a children's article I was working on and I came across a picture online that just spoke to me. It was a very simple photo but I immediately had the skeleton of a story in my mind. I jotted down notes and am really looking forward to starting on it.

  3. Yes, pictures are such catalysts for me. Good luck with your story, inluvwithwords.

  4. Lovely interview. Yay, you!
    As for places, I love off-beat and old for ideas. Wandering in forgotten cemeteries really makes me imagine the stories of those buried in them.

  5. Everybody needs a carved moose! Go back and get it!

  6. I didn't know Burning Man had a hometown. I'm sure it would be a fascinating place for find story (although not sure if they would necessarily be YA stories :)

    I love little places like this. It's why I travel as much as I can.

    Sorry to hear about the moose.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog

  7. I have tons of pictures, both physical and in my head. There is no end of ideas.

    That car, kinda selfish of it not to let you buy that moose.

  8. I love that water tower! Fun pictures - thanks for sharing.

  9. Places, pictures and little details often jump start a story idea in my head. Older towns and areas will do it for sure. Something that always stirs my creative juices, though, is an old tree with character. I've always loved trees that stood out and obviously had a story to tell, scarred and pitted, twisted and enjoined. I imagine trees have seen far more than we will in our lives.

  10. There are great places throughout the United States that cry out to have stories told about them. Road trips can really fuel the imagination.

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