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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Check In ROW80

I'm back #ROW80 and with one major goal and a few minor ones accomplished. My first draft is in very good shape, thanks to you and my three constant supporters. Susan Kay Quinn , Sheri Larson and Margo Berendsen.

I've edited that draft once and this week's goal is to do one more go through before shipping the ms off to my crit group. Wish me luck.

For those who want to join in Click here and sign up.

Also if you need a writing boost, don't miss joining the #WS4U group on facebook and Twitter.


  1. One week to edit a MS, that's good going :-)Keep it up :-)

  2. You must feel great to have your MS heading out to the launch pad for your crit group. Congrats on your progress.

  3. Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while - holiday travels. So glad you are making progress, I need to get back into my writing/editing this week.

    That interview with Dash was cute - I loved his take on the "ant"!

  4. Well done this week! Here's to your continued success! *lifts banana daiquiri*

  5. Good luck! It sounds like you're doing fine.

  6. You go, girl! Super impressive. Don't lose the momentum.

  7. well done - best for this week also


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