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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ROW80 Wednesday Check In

Have to say, Yippie! Did it. Finished the draft. Subbed it to readers. One reader is already back and I'm into revision.  I'm actually ahead. Can't believe it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. #ROW80 and #WS4U

A special thanks to my YALitChat writing boosters. Sheri Larson, Susan Kaye Quinn and Margo Brenderson. They've been great.

If you want to join in you can today. Also here's the list of those already participating. Stop in and give them some encouragement to reach their goals.

Next week: I'm taking a vacation. I can make that goal.


  1. Is it the draft for your next book? That must feel great, Lee! Congrats!!!!

  2. Wow. What can I say? Great work and congratulations! :D

  3. Waves to Kelly. Yes. Next book. It's on its way.

    Thanks for stopping in and offering support.

  4. Hooray! Good for you. I can't possibly take on one more thing, even if it is for encouragement! But I'll still cheer you on!

  5. That's awesome. Congrats and enjoy your vacation.

  6. Congrats, Lee, and enjoy your vacation!

    What is the blog hop?

  7. Yay Lee! But I know how hard you work, so this isn't surprising. :)

  8. Wow, look how many people are participating. Good luck to everyone. Enjoy your vacation!


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