Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Miscellany

Big news: If I seal myself inside my writing cave most of today and all day tomorrow I just might make my FIRST DRAFT on my WIP goal. Wish me luck ROW80 people. Give me a push fellow YALitChat writing buddies. Sheri Larson, Susan Kaye Quinn and Margo Berendsen.

Here's a new book to look for WRITING YOUNG ADULT FICTION FOR DUMMIES by Deborah Halverson hits stores July 5.

From JUNE 29-JULY 5 on her Writers' Advice website, she's featuring daily "Free First Chapter Critique" giveaways, free downloads, excerpts from the book, and profiles of the 13 amazing authors, editors, and agents who so generously contributed sidebars to the book (M.T. Anderson, Karen Cushman, Jane Yolen, Jennifer Donnelly, to name a few). As a grand finale, she's giving away a "Free Full Manuscript Edit" on the final day of the launch.

Don't miss this. It's a great opportunity to win, win, win!

Don't miss my Throes of Thursday--What I've Learned About Writing Novels, 8. I'll be going into more detail about Setting.


  1. Lee, go write! Finish that WIP. You can do it!

  2. Go, go, go C. Lee! I know you can do it! :)

    Thanks for the heads up about the contest!

  3. You are my inspiration, today!! I'm stuck in my MG. I'm dawdling. Go get'em!!

  4. Write away, my friend! Keep the momentum.

  5. I hope you have a window in your cave;-)
    Good luck with your WIP.
    Looking forward to Thursday's post!

  6. Good luck on the WIP, push, and thanks for the alert to the Halverson book. I follow her Dear Editor, and she's very savvy.

  7. Coming up for air. Saying hi to all my writerly friends and ducking back inside that cave. Close. Very close I am to a draft.

  8. Hope you managed to finish that draft. :-)
    Also, we have an interview with Deborah Halverson on our blog today. She shares a terrific revision exercise and some advice on how to make time for writing. (She’s a busy mother of triplets!) Readers can enter for a chance to win one of two copies of WRITING YOUNG ADULT FICTION FOR DUMMIES.


  9. Today on Tales From the Rushmore Kid I have a pre blog tour interview with editor Deborah Halverson


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