Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ROW80 Wednesday Check In

I'm checking in for ROW80, but I also have a bit of BookBloggingNews. Teen Book Scene is interviewing and reviewing Princess of Las Pulgas starting this month. The first post in the series started on Corinne's beautiful Lost For Words blog. Hope you'll have a moment to stop by and leave a comment.

Now for the drum roll: I did what I said I wanted to do, then look what happened.

I started out just fine. A few words here. A few words there. One blog post. One fb post. A few Tweets. Then Whamo! Sock! Pow! It was four o'clock and I was down for the count--not the word count either.

So that sort of tells the story. I reached my ROW80 goal. Did the rest of you? I'll check in to see. And how about Sheri Larson, Susan Kaye Quinn and Margo Berendsen? Like I said in the video,  those three are smokin'!

To see who else is writing to goals or if you want to set a goal and write too, check out this page.


  1. LOL!! Oh no! We have to rescue you from the computer! I'm sending in a Tron rescue squad right now!! :)

  2. Oh poor C.Lee! I hope you're rescued soon!

  3. This is harder than climbing mountains, I'll tell you. But it's fun, so I'm not complaining, just stating the facts.

  4. The video is great...and congrats for meeting your word count goals.
    I'd like to have the counter space you've got on your desk. Since your desk figures into your post, I'll share that I cleaned off my desk today....and Oh! What a difference some Pledge and a half hour of filing/sorting/shredding can make. With that task handled, I'm ready to write the night away...(and no dust bunnies or junk mail will taunt least for a few days). ~ Nadja


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