Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Three Cat Day

Even with the daffodils in full bloom and the fruit trees in blossom, it's a cold March. I can always tell just how cold by how many cats I find in the bed. At two in the afternoon there were two.

By four, there were three--you have look into the back where my black and cuddly Champ has managed to squeeze behind Al and Fritz. Mind you, this is a one-cat bed, but try to tell it to these guys.
I think poetry is in order for this March day in California.

Daffodil sunlight
Just one glimpse and the day with all its chill grows warm. 
Three cats 
Once lonely, left to find their ways or not
Now a family, willing and sharing and dreaming of daffodil sunlight.
Maybe catnip.


  1. You're cats are adorable!

  2. Lazy kitties are precious! Although, it makes getting work done a little difficult when our animals are all cozied up ... makes me a little jealous at times.


  3. What a great picture! My two aren't that cuddly with each other. Love the poem, too.

  4. Lovely kitties. Cats sure know how to relax. :)

  5. Cute kitties.

    It's so cold here (-35F with windchill) that no kitty is crazy enough to go outside.

  6. Definitely looks like catnip dreams going on!

  7. These cats look pretty durn comfy. As for me, I cannot wait for spring!

  8. Oooooo, all cozy and warm. No flowers blooming here yet, but it's so dry, we might not have much in the way of spring color this year.

  9. Wow they're sleepy I second the cute.At least they don't fight over the bed and they share.

  10. Awww. They remind me of my two kitties snuggling in a sunny spot the size of a postage stamp. Cold up here, too. I'm ready for Spring.

  11. I love cats. I have a small space heater. And I find it interesting how my cat likes to get as close to the heater as possible. Sometimes her nose is centimeters away. smh

  12. Awww.

    Fitting that you live in Los Gatos, yes?

    I used to live in Los Gatos as a child...up in the mountains. Lucky Rd., in fact.

    But here in NJ, it's quite cold still. Nothing blooming or sprouting yet. Soon, I hope. I'm dreaming of daffodil sunlight. :)

    Happy weekend,

  13. Hey, Lola! Isn't that interesting. We could have been neighbors.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

  14. What a beautiful reminder that spring is not far away. And adorable cats!!!
    My dogs sleep and cuddle right next to me every night. They seriously keep me warm in the winter!


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