Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Friday . . . or What Happened to the Week?

It's been one fast-paced week. I no sooner posted on my blog on Monday than Friday rolled right over my back. I've got the tracks to prove it.

What happens when you say yes too many times and suddenly you have to follow through with your promises or look like a flake?

Here's my latest strategy:

Get up at 4 AM; fall face down into bed at 11PM.  I look a lot like this guy when I do that.
Make a list with High to Low priorities--lose list.

Drink lots of caffeine . . . much more than my body is used to.

Buy food in the deli or "arrange" to be near a restaurant when my husband's hungry.

Only Tweet in the mornings.

Put flowers on my desk to make me think I'm outside.

Wear the same clothes three days in a row; no fumbling in closet time and nobody will see me if I stay at my desk.

Buy an automatic feeder for the cats and promise them I'll brush them next month.

Let my answering machine do what it was designed to do.

Avoid mirrors, so I won't know how terrible my hair looks.

Leave a note in the kitchen, "Fend for yourselves."
Promise myself not to say yes to any new projects.

What did I miss?


  1. Looks like you covered everything. Some very good ideas. The getting up a 4 AM isn't too appealing. :)

  2. HA! How about do the laundry (sweep the floor, wash the dishes etc) tomorrow (or the next day or next week...)

  3. You forgot plan on taking a 30 minute nap and sleeping for 12 hours. Very productive.

  4. I think you covered it. Although you could also try a "honey do" list. I like the saying no part best. :)

  5. I love your plan! Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by.

    I did love the Mermaid's Mirror; so terribly sad....

  6. Oh no! Take a deep breath, and make time for yourself! I'm the queen of never saying no and boy does it wear you down.

  7. I did that for a while. Get up at 4 am to write and eventually go to bed at 11 pm. Then one day I did the math and realized I wasn't getting enough sleep (no duh). Now I get up at 5 am. Okay still not enough sleep but oh well. I had planned to sleep until 6 am now that the kids are in school full time. It just never happened.


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