Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday on Thursday

I know. I know. It's only Thursday, but I've got to get a jump on this week, just a bit. So I'm posting one day early.  Shoot me.

I loved this quote today: "Everyone is a millionaire when it comes to promises." Ovid said that waaay back before any of us started making and breaking promises. I wonder how that sounded in Latin?  Anybody?

Confession: Here are some promises I've broken.

  • I promised to accept everybody as they are and not make any judgements. (How hard is that to do?)
  • I promised to write on my new WIP everyday.  (Well, life happened a few times, several times, a lot of times.)
  • I promised to blog four days a week. (Nawt! Is nawt out of style yet?)
  • I promised to see all of my friends at least once a month. (Ha!)
  • I promised not to be jealous, no matter what, no matter why. (Unrealistic, really! In my favor: the jealous moment passes quickly. Against me: I'm jealous a lot of moments.) 
  • I promised to clean the refrigerator. (This promise doesn't count. I had a fever when I made it.)

So any promises you'd care to share along with the excuses for breaking them? Come on. I promise not to tell.

Oh, and here's one promise I will keep. Take a look at Sharp Pen Dull Sword for some good news and some "freaking great prizes." But promise me you won't enter and win because I want to, okay? Thanks. I know I can count on you.


  1. Oh, I'm with you in the jealousy arena. I try to count my blessing, then find myself comparing my good fortune (which is flipping incredible, now that I think about it) to other people's and becoming that petty, green-faced monster I despise.

    I must work on that!

  2. Yes, I promised myself I'd be much more productive than I've been today. But then again, yesterday I was waaaaaaay productive so I'll give myself a break. There's always tomorrow! :)
    What a beautiful wedding photo by the way!

  3. Oh, I HATESSS cleaning the fridge. Hatesss it, Precious. (Husband knows that's his job)

    I always promise myself to write every day...and I always break my promise. *sigh*

    I know better than to promise myself, or anyone else, that I'll blog 4 days/week.

    I don't get I'm good there.

    Awww...thanks for the pimple. :) (I hope you win!)

    Happy writing!

  4. I made some blogging promises and I can't seem to keep them! And they are promises to myself!

    Ive been working hard on hanging out with my friends more and that's starting to come together. I think the warmer it gets, the easier that will be too!

  5. I am so pleased to be among a group like this. I'm not alone! Doing a dance here.

  6. I break my promise to exercise quite a lot since I've been writing, lol!

  7. Yeah, I promised to go easier on myself. I have such a tough time with this one. LOL

  8. Like so many others, I promise to write every day...even ALMOST every day. After all, a writer is one who writes, right? Funny thing is, while I keep promises to others unless I truly CAN'T, this one profoundly important one to myself is a daily casualty.

  9. I promised to write every day...but sometimes (a lot of times?) I just don't.

  10. The solution to not breaking promises if, of course, to not make them. So . . . I promise to not make more promises. Hah!

  11. All of those I've made promises on too including the refridgerator and spending at least as much time with my kids as with my book :)

    Loved the little picutre of the girl! What a precious expression!

  12. Blog 4 days a week? Wow, I admire your energy. Or ability to think of things to say. :)

  13. I promised to be gentler with myself... Thanks for the reminder!

  14. I try to visit as many blogs as I can every week, but sometimes I don't even get to my own! Some weeks this Little Engine just can't!

  15. Ha ha! No promises here. That's how I get in trouble. :D I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed myself at the moment I must confess. But In about two minutes I'm going to buckle down and get to work!!

  16. Love all you promises and non-promises. Thanks so much for making a stop here and leaving your comments. Now you all promise to come back, hear?


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