Friday, February 11, 2011

Hearts and Flowers

What better time of the year than Valentine's Day to give and receive gifts that show how much people mean to you? I've finished my workshop layout and have used several of the suggestions of friends who posted comments in response to my plea for help. Here's my linky Valentine to you all for those whose suggestions gave me exactly the kind of help I needed.

Lisa Gail Green, you are a sweetheart, indeed. 
I've added a very short bit about 
blending narration with dialog because of 
your idea

I also used Kelly Hashway's idea of having the kids act out the exchanges. I'm sure that will help to involve them much more than simply reading. It should make the workshop fun too.

Catherine Stein made a great contribution: ". . . conversation doesn't always follow. In other words, people often continue along their trajectory, their interests, and when they do that, they're not actually answering the line that went before them." I'll be sure to point this out as a difference between dialog and conversation.

Carin S. shared an interesting and creative way to engage the kids. I'm not sure I can use it at this workshop, but I'm definitely keeping it in mind for the future. Here's her idea: Have the kids go into a store or a mall and write down conversations verbatim, then return to the workshop and share what they overheard. I love it!

The Brain Lair is one of my favorite book review places and this blogger added another super tip.
If you can't take the kids outside or into a crowded store, use a UTube clip or make a quick Animoto video. 


  1. Thanks, C. Lee. Good idea to do the "linky" post.
    Glad my comment could be of help. It sure enlightened me when my old teacher talked about it. Improved my dialog a lot.

  2. I'm glad my idea was helpful, C. Lee!

  3. When we did this exercise, the students mostly were surprised by how many fragments people use while speaking - almost no complete sentences. Plus how often they say things like, "you know that thing with that guy? Well it's all fixed." that an evesdropper can't figure out. In real life we rarely use half the exposition that are in books or movies or TV. It was really eye-opening.

  4. Thanks for the links Lee and I'm glad others were able to give suggestions you could/can use.

  5. Thank you! These are all great suggestions, I love how the community always comes together when you need them. Have a great time at the workshop!


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