Friday, January 14, 2011

Home Again

What is it about the sound, the smell, the taste of home, that softens the heart and pulls memories into the present as if those times had never passed. I've traveled a lot and for long periods of time, but even a short four days and only a few hundred miles make home more of a haven than a shelter.

And I don't care how beautiful the place I've visited is, my place is even better. It's not as cultured. It doesn't offer the perfect climate. It isn't where tourists pay to visit. But it's where my heart resides. It's where I fit. It's a part of me and I of it. Yet, it takes leaving once in a while to remind me of how wonderful my spot on the planet really is.

But I have to admit San Diego is a beautiful city on the Pacific. I spent one day at ALA but the rest of my time revisiting a place I used to live. Here's the artist's center in Balboa Park. Walking across the colored tiles was like a trip through Wonderland. 

I couldn't miss the world famous zoo either. Not many cages here and they do so much conservation of endangered species.  One of my favorites was this guy. Right after I snapped this picture he decided he'd had enough of us peering at him and turned his back. I think my photo was the last straw. After all he was trying to eat lunch.

Here's my two headed camel photo. 

These were temporary buildings built in 1915 and were saved when people recognized how beautiful the  Moorish architecture was. Walking through these corridors I felt as if I were at the Alhambra in Spain.

There was whimsy along the way too.

And even some philosophy. I loved this. 

Please take this thought from Edmund Burke and leave a few words for others to think about and enjoy.


  1. The power and pull of home -- a subject that's near and dear to me. Seems like I spent a lifetime trying to get home again. Our appreciation for it seems to deepen with life experience, excellent point, Lee!

    San Diego -- was there once for a convention. Beautiful city! And thanks for the great pictures!

  2. I really enjoyed this post and the pictures. It took so of the stress out of my stay. Thanks for the peaceful, comforting read.

  3. Afraid I couldn't top Edmund off the top of my head.
    As for where I belong, I'd say it's on the mountainside you have picture at the top of the post;0)

  4. Yes, that place on the planet where you reside looks mighty fine to me. Gorgeous and soul-nuturing.
    But I have a spot in my heart for Balboa Park, too. Every city should have such an expansive, beautiful, cultured park.

  5. Love that quote at the end!!

    There is nothing quite like coming home - all the familiar sights and sounds and people.

    But... San Diego looks like a place I'd like to visit for a while! :)

  6. thanks all for stopping by here and on fb. i'm slow in getting to my blog this month because i'm out and about a bit with my new book. love the activity, but feel like i'm always behind!!!!

  7. I've always wanted to visit San Diego. What a fun trip! I do love visiting new places, but there's no place like home!

  8. I've never been to San Diego, so I appreciate the tour, thank you!

    And I agree with you and Dorothy--there's no place like home.

  9. My parents lived in San Diego before I was born. They loved it but I've never beent there. Thanks for the pictures and the tour. Now I know why they loved being stationed there.

  10. I had no idea you were in my neck of the woods! Glad you enjoyed your visit to San Diego. That's a great quote - a little can go a long way.


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