Monday, December 6, 2010

Giving Gifts to Writers

InkSpells (Susan Kaye Quinn) and Catherine Stein at her  Idea City have come up with some super gift ideas for writers at Christmas. I'm very partial to these: The Chocolate Keyboard and the Telephone Book Dress--recycling at its best.

The gift of time ain't bad either. Someone suggested writers could use more of that than anything. If you have some please don't hesitate to wrap it up for me. 

What I'd like to give is a gift of books this season. My family already has theirs under the tree, but I'm also giving some away here to my readers and good friends who write. So, if you want a book in time for Christmas all you have to do is tell me story. I love those that are heartwarming, have a sweet surprise, or make me laugh, so any of these would win a prize. 

This week's book is a signed copy of Shooting Kabul. It's a wonderful story with all the characteristics I've listed above.  Here are the rules :-) Gots to have rules!

1) In your comment tell me a story with at least one of those great in 100 words or less. 
2) Tell the world you just wrote the prize-winning story by TWEETING it or writing a NOTE on FACEBOOK and tagging 10 friends.  (Include me in your tags, okay?)

3) Be sure to leave me your email just in case you win and I'll send the book off by Dec. 13th. 

I'm looking forward to your stories.


  1. I'll have to think a bit to come up with a good 100 word story, but I will. The giveaway book looks great! I wrote a YA historical fiction that deals with Afghanistan so this is close to my heart. My book is called Refugees and is available as an eBook at:

  2. Sounds interesting, Catherine. Come back and give us a story. I'd love to read yours.

  3. Chocolate keyboard--Love it! Yum! Good luck to those who enter your contest:)

  4. Hope this is what you're looking for. It's based on a true story from my childhood:

    It had to be double-wrong to steal from a Christmas tree, but I wanted a specific chocolate ornament and made it clear to everyone. Translation: my brother would gobble that one first. I intended to hide it, but when I touched it, everything changed. I didn’t even hear the foil crinkle. It tasted sweet. Then, turned bitter.

    Don’t remember which happened first – the click or the flash. My sister stood there with a camera and a smile. Mama looked disappointed, yet understood my sobbing apology. Stealing was wrong. Tasted bad too, but my apology and mama’s hug made it better.

  5. Oh that keyboard does look yummy!

    Great. Now I have a craving for chocolate. Hmmm. Hubby's away. Wonder what I can have for dinner. :D

  6. Tee hee, Stina. I like how you think!

  7. I have a sense we have some bad girls here. Natasha? Stealing? Stina, this chocolate thing could be a problem.

  8. Hey, So excited you are giving away a copy of SHOOTING KABUL! Let the heartwarming, sweet and funny stories roll in!

    NH Senzai

  9. I haven't heard of this book, so thank you for introducing it to me!

  10. Say, you wouldn't have that dress in black, would you? Size six?

  11. Let me check my inventory, Darby. It would be stunning on you!

  12. There once was a girl who looked at the hole in heart and said, "I am not filling that in. It's a beautiful reminder of someone I loved and lost." She touched the edges of the hole and it bleed a little, as holes do. But still she remained certain."The hole is beautiful."
    And indeed it was. The kind of beauty gained from having lived passionately, even in the face of losing, and refusing to board up the heart.

    Okay, off to facebook with a link here. Not sure how to tag??? Can I just link?
    Oh well, if not, the story writing was fun.

  13. What a great contest! One hundred words? Uh. . .


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