Monday, June 14, 2010

Questions I Could Use Answers For

Okay, it's summer, the temperature is slowly rising, and I'm getting ready to tackle two things: a new book coming out and finishing my third YA novel. So why am I suddenly coming up with random questions? I don't have a clue unless, of course, it's one of my strategies for stalling. Anyway, I do have the questions, so if you can help me out with some answers I'd be ever so grateful.

Question #1: How do you autograph a book on Kindle? I went to a book signing for Heidi Kling (SEA) the other night and I thought, "What would she do if someone presented a Kindle with her new novel downloaded on it and asked for an autograph?" Sticky notes slapped on the screen? Any other ideas?

Question #2: Is the Internet dumbing us down permanently? Nicholas Carr's book says so. The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains. I'm putting myself on an Internet diet and now! I already feel the creeping up of shortened attention span. How about you? Could you once read War and Peace, but find that even the title is too long? Sheesh!

Question #3: Can self-publishing prove to be the road to success? I've heard this is a No No, yet I've met writers who swear by it. Then there's Hilary Thayer Hamann who self-published Anthropology of an American Girl and is now a hot item with a publishing contract.

Question #4: Is there anything more beautiful than a Matilija? Show me.


  1. Thanks for coming! Hope you like SEA. :)

  2. 1. I hope one day to be lucky enough to have to worry about it!

    2. If it is dumbing us down I am now seriously STUPID. So, maybe.

    3. Anything can happen.

    4. My children when they smile. Sorry no public pics. :)

  3. Lee,

    Re: internet dumbing us down--have you read FEED?

  4. Thanks for the Matilija close-up!

  5. I've been worrying about that shortened attention span thing too. I like the social media stuff, I'm pretty good at it, and I suspect that I'm spending way more time on it than is really good for me. Hard to detach from it - some really good things have come my way because of my online presence - but I'm giving a lot of thought to the idea of paring it down.

  6. Sea is my next book the summer reading pile. Can't wait to start.

    Lisa, children always win as the most beautiful, so I keep them in a special category. I like that you don't share their pictures publicly.

    I had to put up that Matilija, AnneB. In fact, I think I need a new page with a Matilija theme.

    I'm slowing down on the online presence, but, Mike, you can't. I depend on you to always be there and lift my shortened attention span spirits!

  7. 1. Ahhh, the Kindle. What do you do? I was going to say a signed bookmark, but you don't need a bookmark!
    2. I do wish more parents would limit video game/computer time for kids. My kids probably even play too much with the limits I set. I read that kids brains are now wired differently because of all the exposure to technology.
    3. I am considering self publishing a poetry book with my dad's photos. Mostly so we could have it, but I think it is very sellable too.
    4. Gorgeous!
    5. CONGRATS! I don't know if I knew you had another book coming out!!!! Love the title!

  8. I have never seen a Matilija before and NO, there isn't!

  9. On the Barnes and Noble Nook blog someone has a picture of their nook with author signatures on the back of it! Very cool. I have one of each (school project) and I think having the covers signed would up their check out factor! Much more visible than inside a cover and the reader would be more inclined to talk about it since people would be curious! More publicity for the author!

  10. Have to check out the B&N blog. Sounds like a a nice idea, Ms. Lair.


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