Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June Inspirations

I thought today I share a few uplifting, inspiring, hopeful things for this June day.

Some lovely TIPS from Blog

Some great thoughts about the prairie and keeping in touch with those internal rhythms from SunnyRoomStudio.

And how about this bird with creative nest building talents? I put up my umbrella and when I came into the garden two days later this is what I found. She doesn't seem to mind my sitting under her while she hatches her brood, so I can watch her as she and her handsome mate fly in and out. Can't figure out what kind of bird she is.

Two things I wait for to signal summer is really here are the Matilijas and tomatoes. Well, the Matilijas are here, so I know tomatoes will follow soon.

Matillijas in February remind me of that WIP when a lot is going on out of awareness and not much is happening where I'd love to see it happening.

Matilijas in April are a lot of promise but not one single bud.

June and Matilijas, finally! Now if only that manuscript would cooperate and blossom!

What's going on in your world this June day that elevates your spirit and fills you with hope?


  1. What a nice post! I've gotten some nice compliments on my writing today, which is definitely a nice spirit-booster! :)

  2. I love summer - and not just because I'm a teacher :)

    It's the flowers that do it for me - watching the tulips first, then planting the annuals - and watching them bloom and spread. It's like watching joy grow.

  3. Lovely boosts from both Larissa (congratulations on those compliments) and Jemi. Aren't flowers the greatest?

  4. Yesterday was my Renew My Spirit Day. I took my kids to the pool, enjoyed the sunshine and watched them splash around. I was also able to read a bit just for fun. My husband had accused me (lovingly) of never turning my brain off. So I did.

  5. Good for you, joanne. The brain needs some turning off occasionally and what better way to do than at the pool with the kids?

  6. Had to look up what the plant was; saw a close-up on Wow.

  7. What beautiful photos! You must have a green thumb, and I'm jealous.

    On my June day, school is winding down! My boys, and myself, are catching summer fever!

  8. I'll take a close up of a matilija and post it. They are pretty spectacular. And, Julie, the only thing you have to do with these California natives is cut them back in the winter and wait. Waiting is the hardest part of the gardening.

  9. Hello! Many many thanks for mentioning my 2nd home, maybe my 1st home, @ Sunny Room Studio: Yes, a creative, sunny space for kindred spirits, so I hope your blog fans drop by to visit soon!

    Also, re the bird nest! Our neighbors have 3 little boys and recently they created The Bird Club to be sure the bluejays in the area don't raid the nests of cardinals in their backyard trees. They are only in grade school -- very cute!

  10. I love The Bird Club Boys! They need badges. What a great idea. Glad you shared that here, Daisy.


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