Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Heard A Fly Buzz

Yep, I was waiting for Emily's fly to dive bomb me, but it didn't happen. I slowly but surely crawled back to life, and as I did I returned with great humility and a sincere appreciation for good health.  Here's what I vowed as I stood up after about two weeks of being horizontal:

1) I will never take feeling good for granted again.

2) I will never ignore my body when it says, "Hey, babe, slow down. Take a break. Do not push until you drop.

3) I will never say, "I'm never sick."

4) I will have much more empathy for my family and friends when they say they don't feel well.

So now that I'm up and about and can actually talk . . . I lost my voice on day six. There was some scattered applause, but I ignored it.  So back to the talking thing. I have a lot to say as well as a lot to do. I was behind before, but I'm behinder now; however, keeping in mind my vow #2 I intend to ease back into work and  play a little less than I'd like.

I want to visit some of my friends online. It's been ages. *Waves to* Bish, Kelly, Jemi, Beverly, Marcia, Nan, Mel . . . Everybody.
I want to return to my YA WIP that I put on hold at day 16.
I want to share some of what's happened in my life while I was on that sabbatical.

So I'll get all of that together and I hope to see you here and there and everywhere again.


  1. Wow. Two weeks? You must have caught the Monster Bug. Glad to hear you're up again.

  2. Yep. A Monster, indeed. Thanks for checking in, Tricia.

  3. So glad you're back among the vertical, Lee! :) I think we can all learn a lot from all four of your vows.

  4. Thanks, Marcia. I take my wellness for granted until something zaps me and brings me up short.

  5. Being sick is like the world ending -- luckily, it wasn't and didn't! Glad you're back among the living. Hope you have a restful weekend and get to read the next book on your list. That's always such a treat ... digging into the next book. Best wishes, Daisy

  6. I've got a pile of books next to my bed, so I'm ready to dig in. Thanks for your comment, Daisy.


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