Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Year of the Tiger-2010

I'm almost recovered from the celebration in San Francisco Saturday. Almost. I took a lot of pictures, but these are my best shots. I'm standing at the corner of Market and Geary. Forgot my camera so had to use my cell. Loved this tiger when he pranced by.

I found out that the "tigers" are many things--not all good. According to this horoscope I shouldn't be attending any family functions.

2010 is a White Tiger wearing armor. This Tiger doesn't like armor on the top of its body and keeps jumping around. For safety, we should keep our distance from it. That's why many Chinese don't like White Tiger.  It has the potential to become vigorous, ferocious and cruel. The Tiger is a symbol of power and authority. This kind of personality is good for leadership, but has an inflexible and destructive personality.  Tiger has very poor people relationship, especially, with family members. In traditional Chinese families people born in the year of the Tiger aren't invited to private wedding ceremonies.

Well, *Inserts loud raspberry here.* I decided to keep looking until I found a better description of my year.

 People born in the Year of the Tiger always take pride in being different from others, and normally demonstrate their originality best in their homes. Their homes are typically filled with exotic possessions. It is no surprise that one of the Tiger’s favorite gemstones is the cat’s eye, but tigers also love the sparkle of rubies and diamonds. They like to spend money, and also to share it. They can be very impulsive spenders because they know they can at all times make more.

The Year of the Tiger is the third year in the cycle of “Heavenly Branches”. Customarily, it is called “Yin”. Those born in the Year of the Tiger are compatible with the horse, dog, and dragons

I like rubies and diamonds and I love to spend money, especially if I can do with friends. As to making more of the that lovely green stuff, I'm not so sure. I was really happy to learn that I'm compatible with horses, dogs, and dragons--especially dragons since I love to write about them.

What's your Chinese sign? If you're a horse or a dog or a dragon that's great. We're going to get along beautifully. If you're a member of my family--look out. It seems we're in for a rough ride.


  1. I am a tiger who takes a certain amount of pride in being different. My father was a dragon. I loved him dearly and he was a most wonderful father.

  2. I'm a tiger too :) Looks like we're a scary bunch!

  3. Oh, I'm so happy to find others like myself. Clearly we're a fine bunch of cats ... scary, but wonderful.

  4. That looks fun!
    I'm Year of the Pig. Oink! :)

  5. Hope we're compatible. Oh, we must be.

  6. Hey those are great photos for a cell phone!

  7. I'm a snake: "Snakes are deep thinkers and always mysterious. Snakes are graceful and soft spoken. They love a good book and appreciate all of the arts." Oh yeah, that's me. :) Beautiful photos!


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