Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why Do You Write for Young Readers?

Last month I asked, "Why Do You Blog?" and your answers were really interesting. This next question is, "Why Do You Write for Young Readers?" It certainly isn't a new one for any of us who glue ourselves to the seat of our computer chairs and create stories, but I love to hear the reasons. They are usually similar, but always have a unique twist--we're a varied group, that's for sure.

So, I'll start.

I think my answer is somewhat like my answer to "Why Do You Blog?" because in both cases I started for one reason and ended up continuing for another. I wanted to write a book about a troubled teen for others like her or for others who might know someone like her. I wanted my teen to not only survive and overcome a lot of bad stuff, I wanted her to find her heart and her direction in life. I thought that if she could succeed, others who read her story might find the courage to do so as well. Actually, I had writing one book in mind and then I'd take something like a trip around the world. :D

Now, I'm hooked. I love writing about and for teens who are troubled or working through life issues or growing into adulthood as we all must. This writing has introduced me so many wonderful people of all ages and all backgrounds. I've learned how much I don't know about my craft and the highs and lows of being a published YA author. I'm enjoying the experience. I'm enjoying YA literature. I'm enjoying the authors. So my short answer is: I'm enjoying myself -- a lot.

Now it's your turn. Why do you write for young readers?


  1. I love the audience--their outlook on life is so unique compared to adults. :-) And I love the stories I get to write for them.

  2. My current ms is the first YA I've attempted. I want kids to enjoy the worlds of reading as much as I do. I want them to find adventures, enjoyment and escape in those pages. As a teacher, I get to read a lot of great YA - and I figure there's always room for one more author :)

  3. I knew there'd be some good responses to this. One thing I didn't mention in my post is that the people who write for young readers are a very special group with lots to offer.

  4. Good question. I had NEVER even considered writing for adults and dove into children's poetry. I just love children's literature. Being a grade school teacher and then a mom, I was surrounded by it.
    Though I did recently submit a short story to a site and had a few adult poems published on the web.

  5. Because I love, love, love them! My whole life is dedicated to young people and to helping them find a love of reading and learning. Perfect fit! ;-)

  6. I like writing for kids because part of me is still a kid. I had such a great childhood I want to pass it on. The other thing is is that kid lit is some of the best writing around. If not writing, then some of the best stories, or examples of wonderful imagination. Kids need that.

  7. So good hear the reasons each of you writes. All wonderful as I predicted.


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