Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holidaze Events

Here we are. From left to right: Me, Lauren Bjorkman, Jon Yang, Cheryl Herbsman. Unfortunately, Sarah Quigley left before we snapped this picture.

Well, it has been a wonderful month for the 2009 Debs. Here on the west coat alone we have been at so many events. Each one has been different, but each one has been really exciting. Nothing is better than connecting with readers.

What seems to work the best for us is to do a short presentation about our books--5 to 8 minutes at the most. At the Menlo Park event Cheryl Herbsman presented a short workshop on Voice and Tone and the responses from the audience were amazing. Some good writing happening among our young people. I did a short bit on Dialog and again the dialog some of the teens produced was excellent.

Getting the audience involved is the best way to have a fun and successful book signing.

If you have some other suggestions, please send the ideas. We have another gathering of YA authors at B&N, Tanforan Shopping Center, Saturday Dec. 12, 2-4. We can always use ideas. If you're available to attend, please come to say hello.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful evening and that you all connected well with your audience - bravo!! ;-)

  2. How about getting the audience to write abstractions? They are wonderful, simple exercises to stimulate the brain. And when you're done you often have a nice little poem.

    Line 1: Abstraction + verb + place
    Line 2: Describe what the abstraction is wearing
    Line 3: Summarize the action

    Abstractions are words like: love, anger, reason, greed, hope, laughter. You could have them make a list and then give them examples of how the formula works.

    As in:
    Anger roars across the rooftop
    in a tattered tux
    and leaps off the edge in despair.

    Laughter was born on the Seventh Day
    wearing only a broad smile
    which even touches the heart of God.

    You can change them up too like:

    Movement, draped in scarves like Isadora Duncan, dances through life, a fluttering flow of colors.

    I love playing with them and have a notebook dedicated to the abstractions I write.

  3. I really liked Bish's idea. Hope others see this and make note of it!


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