Monday, December 14, 2009

Finishing off the Year

The book events for 2009 are over, at least for me.  I'm sure there are other 2009 Debs out there at book stores and in libraries, so I hope you'll look for them and attend their events if you're in their area.

I'm moving on to "What's Next." And with that in mind I thought I'd put down some of the things that are on my mind for 2010. Notice I'm avoiding the word "Resolutions." I can never keep them, so I've given up making them. I do have a list of things that I'd like to do after the Holidaze has cleared and I can think of more than family, and friends, and gifts, and food.

Here's my list so far:

1) Finish book two, like, really FINISH it and stop dabbling with it.
2) Hike Garrapatas again.
3) Take that trip to Tibet that I postponed in 2008.
4) Throw out all my clothes that are from the '80's and crammed at the back of my closet.
5) Re-connect with some good friends that aren't living nearby anymore and catch up on our lives over a long coffee break.

I have more, but I think I should get a head start on the #1 item of my list, so it's back to writing.


  1. I'm with you; I don't like resolutions either. I know for a fact that #1 on your list is moving along very well!

  2. Throw out old clothes in the back of the closet. Okay, I'm with you. I could start a vintage shop.
    If you go to Tibet I expect to see photos! How cool would that be?

  3. I don't do resolutions either.

    Oh Lee! I'd LOVE to go to Tibet with you. It is a long time dream of mine.

  4. I don't do resolutions, either. I don't like being disappointed when i don't accomplish them. :)

  5. Ok Lee, forgive me, I've tagged you!

  6. Now you've done it, Bish. I'm making a New Year's Resolution about this! :D


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