Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why do you Blog?

Someone asked me why I blogged and my answer surprised me. I started to say that I do it because I've written a book and want to build a readership and a following; then I changed my mind. That may have been why I "started" to blog, but that's not why I continue to blog.

I enjoy the writing and I enjoy stopping by other blog sites to visit people who share that passion. How great to read what's happening on Ramble Street with Nan Marino. I've known her for several years now. We've shared manuscripts, watched the books we edited for each other debut, discovered that we have a lot in common and care about each other.

It's great to stop by Mel Higgins' blog and see what funny Veggie Contest she's doing or what she has to say about writing and living and being Mel. We've also exchanged manuscripts and coffee and a conference. I'd never have known Mel if I hadn't been blogging and sharing writing online.

If I need a mini vacation I zip over to Bish's beautiful island and learn about the flowers and fruit and imagine the sea around me and the sand between my toes. Lovely.

Once in a while I crave music or some family stories and that takes me to Kelly's lively blog where I'm always greeted by her smile and warm heartedness.

I learn a lot when I pop into Market My Words and read Shelli's posts about her writing, interviews with agents, other writers and agents.

There are a lot more and next time I feel the need to answer the question, "Why do you blog?" I'll post about all those other writers who share so much with me and who make blogging worth the time and effort.

I'd love hear why you blog. What keeps you writing and posting?

Oh, and about that free Christmas gift. Mike Jung is obviously going to win Flash Burnout if you let him. He must want to read L.K. Madigan's book in the worst way--quite a compliment to that author.


  1. I love blogging, writing and reading.

    I think I always had so much to say, and myspace blog wasn't cutting it because a lot of my friends are family and friends, not really interested in my writing steps and craziness.

    I wanted to branch out, meet people, and find all kinds of tricks to the trade. Alas, I Am Write was born and growing strong!

  2. I started blogging in order to connect other writers, and people who are interested in writing. I live in Alaska and the long hours of writing leaves me feeling isolated at times. So far, blogging and commenting on others' blogs has helped me make some connections. And all this in the last six weeks!

  3. I love blogging also, though I was shamed into it - What? You call yourself a writer and you don't blog? Now I find myself thinking, oh, I can't wait to post this news on my blog! I also love reading blogs!

  4. well I was blogging on my personal blog all the time, several times a day, for...8 years? Yeah just over 8 years now (god that's a long time it seems like), and I liked reading about other people's lives and interests.

    For book blogging, it makes me happy because I can connect with others who may or may not have my interests in reading, but who care about books as well.

  5. All outstanding reasons to blog in my book. Thanks to all of you for leaving your comments. Now I have more people to learn from and enjoy.

  6. Great post! I like to blog because it's an excuse to do something other than work on my ms. But then again, sometimes it hard to blog because I want to work on my ms. :D

  7. What a wonderful post! (and thank you so much for the mention!)
    I also started blogging because I noticed other published and prepublished authors were blogging, and I thought it would be great to network. But I continue to because I enjoy writing on my blog each week, but mostly reading others' blogs: their success stories, their tips and even about their daily life. It's such a wonderful community!!

  8. Writers are awesome! And blogging is a wonderful way to meet them.
    Thanks so much for the mention Lee:)

  9. I write because it gives me an opportunity to "visit" with other writers - to share a love of craft and to commiserate on the frustrations along the journey. :)

  10. I started blogging because I really enjoyed other writer blogs, and thought maybe I might be able to contribute something too. Everyone has such a unique journey to publishing, and I find it heartening to read about coping strategies, writing advice, and all the good stuff that goes along with trying to get through life while chasing down "the dream".

    What I didn't anticipate was the amazing sense of community among writers. That was a very nice surprise.

  11. I didn't know what to expect when I started blogging. I wanted a place to post my artwork online, and I hoped it would also force me to get in the practice of writing regularly. The delightful surprise was the sense of community - I haven't found a better source for encouragement.


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