Monday, November 30, 2009

Round II Christmas Gifts

Well, today is the end of the contest for L.K. Madigan's Flash Burnout, and what a time we had with it! Mike Jung is one determined contestant who met his match with Zoe Alea. The judges had so much fun with the Twitter battle that they made me order another signed copy and call Round I a tie.

So a tie it is, Mike and Zoe. You will each have L.K.'s great book in time for Christmas if you send me your snailmail addresses in time.

Now it's time to start vying for Cheryl Herbsman's novel, Breathing. Round II starts December 2 and closes December 15.  In case you missed the post with the rules, here they are again.

Create the most interesting linked posts to this offer and Tweet ever-so-succinctly, but well. Leave a comment on this post with the URLs for your posts. DM me on Twitter whenever you do a Tweet @cleemckenzie

I hope this round is a much fun as the last one.


  1. I saw some of those tweets. They were fun.

  2. Yes, they were fun. Mike is a kick and Zoe a real trooper. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hooray, I got my copy of FLASH BURNOUT! It was definitely fun and I encourage you all to bring your A-game to round 2 of this contest. After my epic battle with Zoe I feel invested in the results of round 2. May a worthy successor step forward! DO US PROUD!

  4. Sweet, Mike. We need more of your spirit.


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