Friday, November 6, 2009



I posted this in November of 2009! Imagine. I was discumboobled even then. Maybe it should have been discombobulated? At least this year I'm aware that one isn't a word anyone recognized. It must have been a wild 2009.

So here's my Deja Vu Post.

Is that how you spell it? See? Totally out of it here.

Tonight is another book signing APPEARANCE and I'm still putting together what I want to say. Then there's company arriving, my mom who needs some TLC, the cat with a hairball issue, and a leaky toilet. I haven't blogged in days. I'm wearing my baseball hat all day because I can't use Halloween as an excuse for my hair anymore. My Tweets have turned to Chirps and when I looked at the garden from my window one of my patio chairs is floating in the fish pond.

Anybody have a system that keeps writing, family, pets, house, and personal hygiene needs under control? If so, please send ASAP!

In the meantime, wish me luck with tonight.


  1. Ha! I know this feeling!! You can do it! Good luck tonight!

  2. Sounds about like a regular day at my house! Hey, you've got an excuse to go out...hope it goes well. :)

  3. What's hygene??? To bath or to write, that is the question...

  4. I no longer even know the right questions, Sharon, but something close to that, yes.

    Anyway, I survived and even had a few hours sleep, so today I'll take the chair out of the fish pond and find a different hat. One or two things at a time!

    Thanks all for telling me I'm not alone.


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