Friday, October 30, 2009

Book Signings, Part VI

Just when I thought I'd really stopped going on about Book Signings, I hear a story that has a great lesson in it for all of us and have to share it. This came from an avid reader who goes to meet a lot of authors and loves to buy signed copies of their books.

Here's what happened to her last week. She'd heard about a new cookbook, with the theme of home cooked food and family. The ad announcing the book signing read, "Author will be at XXX from 2-4 pm." My friend arrived at 3 and the author had already left. When she asked the bookseller what had happened, the woman said, "Nobody was here, so the author didn't want to stay any longer."


And here's why. My friend belongs to Slow Foods, and her chapter was interested in promoting this author's new book by featuring some of the recipes at their functions and on their web-page. Oops!

Moral: Stick around for the time you promised even if nobody's there to buy your book.


  1. Ahhhh, it's called the art of waiting.

  2. I just read about another similar incident. Guess this a topic that won't go away!

  3. Wow. This seems like a no-brainer. I wonder if that author ever found out about the consequences of leaving early.

  4. I was about to comment exactly what MG did - wow, and I wonder if that author even learned a lesson...

  5. Hard to say, but let's hope she did. We certainly learned something, right?


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