Thursday, September 17, 2009

Interview with Kate Messner

Kate Messner is here today, telling us a little about herself and giving us a peek at her new book, THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z.

Its great to have you visit, Kate. What's this new book about?

Gianna Zales has a lot on her plate this fall – a father who drives her to school in the family hearse, a mother who’s turned into the junk food police, a little brother who thinks he’s a member of the paparazzi, and a grandmother who leaves false teeth in the refrigerator. Worst of all, she’s left her 7th grade leaf collection to do at the last minute. It’s a monster project, and Gianna will miss cross-country sectionals if she doesn’t meet the deadline. She’ll need the help of her geeky friend, Zig, and some brilliant ideas of her own to pull it off.

Gianna Z. sounds like a delightful character and what young reader could resist reading about her quirky family. Now for fans, here's a little background on the author.

Kate Messner grew up in Medina, New York and graduated from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Communication with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She worked as a television news producer and reporter in Syracuse, NY and then Burlington, VT, before going back to school to get a teaching degree. These days, Kate is a National Board Certified middle school English teacher. She has helped hundreds of kids work on leaf collection projects and likes sugar maples and catalpa leaves the best. Kate lives on Lake Champlain with her husband and kids and loves spending time in the woods.

Kate also gave us a little more insight into who she is when she took time to answer these questions.

Of all your favorite books, which one do you wish you had written?

I adore Beverly Cleary's RAMONA books and would love to have kids remember one of my characters the way I remember her!

I don't know anyone who doesn't admire Ms. Cleary. She gave us such fabulous books to read. What fictional character do you wish you could be?

Last week I was wishing I could be Calpurnia Tate because I was having serious grandfather-envy. I'd love to go poking around in the woods with her GrandDad. I'd also love to be Hermione Granger - magic is cool.

I'm so glad you said that. Magic is what makes the world absolutely delightful IMHO--well, magic and chocolate! Sooooo after chocolate what do you eat to make the writer-block pain go away?

As much as I love chocolate, usually, it's not food but a good long run or a shower that gets me thinking in the right direction again when I'm stuck.

It's been great to have you visit. Readers, Gianna Z. is here, so be sure to buy your copy now.

It's available at your local Indie and at Amazon. Happy Reading!


  1. Kate, your new book sounds like a lot of fun! I love the idea of the paparazzi brother, and of course ol' grandma and her teeth. :-)
    Thanks for the interview, C. Lee.

  2. Love the quirkiness of these characters but down-to-earth reality of life. Cool interview. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for hosting us, C. Lee! GIANNA and I were so happy to visit today!

  4. Great interview! Kate's book sounds really cool . . . I think my daughter would love it!


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