Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm a little late in my post because I was . . . outdoors all day today! But I return with some fun or clumsy or whatever pics of the day.

This is the lower trail where I hike sometimes. And today it's with my good friend who listens to all of my stories, the ones I'm thinking of writing and the ones I may never write, but need to share. Not many friends will put up with all of this, but she does.

The kids and I used to pick the wild blackberries along this creek then make jam. Now it's a little more complicated. The kids are busy and I'm busy too. The berries are the only constant. They set on whether or not people find the time to enjoy their gift.


  1. Your last video literally made my mouth water. Haven't done any berry picking either this summer. I'm really enjoying your videos!


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