Monday, August 24, 2009


A few years ago I stood looking at the ruins on our lower property. The land had been left to grow into a wild tumble of weeds that partially covered an old foundation, the only remains of a house that had burned years before.

Every year I told myself, "You have to do something with that mess." And every year passed while I cared for family and went to work and did everything except tackle the weed-choked land.

You can probably see from this old photo why I didn't plunge in. This was not a small project, and what you're seeing is only one corner, the corner where I finally put my small pond.

So take a trip back to that same corner a few years later. It's much nicer now.

After my trip down to the pond this morning I thought, "Poetry! Why not?" So here's my water lily inspired poem for Monday. Want to try your hand at a bit of poetry to start your writer, reader week?

Open faced and sun-kissed
Buoyed by water's hand
Quiet beauty waits.


  1. Terrific post and poem.

    Best wishes,

  2. That was so lovely and peaceful I watched (and listened) twice. I'm loving your videos!

  3. Lovely poem, and the sound of the water in the video is so relaxing!

  4. Oooooo, love the peaceful, water-trickling video! You turned your yard into an oasis.

  5. great poem, very serene. Here's mine about the man in the moon.

    Staring down at us
    Reflected in the water
    Does he see himself?

    your videos are cool,



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