Sunday, August 23, 2009


Returning outdoors more often has started generating new ideas for writing. I don't know, but if you're a writer do you often find that changing where you write helps to either get you going on a story or shows you where a story might be better?

This morning going into the garden I thought about a whole series of short pieces that I'd love to put together into a collage of Garden Stories. Sort of a picture book for big kids who love gardens and think of them as metaphors for life.

So if you can forgive the rather shaky camera work again, here's a venture into my garden and some of the writing that came while I visited.

I can pick beans for an hour, know I've found all of them, and then circle the bush one more time and find a cluster of those stealthy green pods tucked behind leave. I know they didn't grow while I walked down the row. I just hadn't seen them the first time. It occurs to me that picking beans is a lot like solving problems. You have to look for solutions from a different angle. Sometimes the answers are there all the time. You simply haven't seen them yet.


  1. i absolutely love the bluejay squawking in the background. And is that running water I'm also hearing?

  2. My husband started a small garden for the first time this year. I absolutely LOVE going to get fresh veggies for dinner by just walking out the patio door! The kids love picking it themselves!

  3. There are two ponds nearby, so, yes, Mell, you have super ears.

    Maybe I'll take a walk to the pond next. There might be some writing inspiration there.


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