Monday, August 31, 2009


So I didn't go to the garden today because of the squash attack. Unlike my friend Mel, I'm passive-aggressive when it comes to veggie attacks. I did venture out onto the deck to see if it was holding up under the heatwave California is experiencing. It was doing fine. Even the cat didn't look wilted.

Now, as to the cat . . . she's the last. I swear. However, I've swore that before and that didn't work because I have this soft place for those felines--less these days.

Here's what I mean. People seem to think that cats, if dumped in the mountains, are survival experts. That may be true, but the cost of their survival is huge. Domestic cats prey on birds and small mammals and even the fragile frog population. The number of critters an average domestic cat can bring down is amazing. Take a look at this article. It will make you think that bringing those furry lovelies indoors is a good idea.


  1. Why would people dump their cats?! Awww. Your cat is cute!

  2. When my kitty was in his prime (i.e., could jump faster than birds could fly) he did kill his share of birdies so I know it's true what kind of damage cats can do. It's good his animal-hunting days are over.


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