Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Not-so-Hot August Nights in LA

It's not hot down here in the south land. I can't even say "balmy" applies. I may have to fly north to get warm. My goodness.

However, the SCBWI conference has been warm and welcoming and totally fabulous. As the week goes on I'll be posting what I can about this event.

On the social side it's been great. Tonight I was lucky enough to share dinner with J.E. MacLeod, Cindy Pon, Kathleen Duey, Kami Garci, Malindo Lo and Holly Black. Between Holly and Michelle Zinc I may be converted to reading more fantasy. They are very convincing.

Now it's definitely time for bed. One more day of non-stop learning and sharing; then it's bye to L.A. and I'm back to the bay area.


  1. Sounds like Asilomar on steroids! Love hearing your experiences. Keep 'em coming.

  2. I hope to go to the LA SCBWI one day! Keep the info from the conference coming!

  3. I couldn't believe how cool the temperature was during the conference. But considering it was raining in my hometown, LA's temperature wasn't too bad.


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