Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Best Single Sentence It IS!

Okay, sharpen those pencils, people. The votes are in. Write the best single-sentence characterization and have them on my desk by August 11th midnight . . . well, the 12th in the morning so I can read them with my latte. Everyone stands a better chance of making a favorable impression if I read the entries with my morning coffee.

Here's something to consider when you're writing these sentences. Give your character ACTIONS that immediately show the reader who this person is--rich, poor, middle class, self-assured, eager, distracted.

Does your character enter a room, slouch in an over-stuffed chair, or turn to confront danger? When someone reads about your character do you want the reader to like him, be repelled by him, suspect, or envy him?

I'm waiting to read these and my judges should be back from summer vacation just in time to pick the winner. Good luck.

Oh, wait! I almost forgot the best part . . . THE PRIZE. Here's what I think might be interesting. I'll offer to send a book, probably one I've read and enjoyed (Thanks, Linda for that idea.), BUT I'll offer an alternative as well. If you win and you want a chapter critique, I'll give that instead of the book. So this time around you get to choose your prize.

Have fun. I'm looking forward to this contest.


  1. It seems I've found your blog just in time! Very cool idea. I'll be giving it a go--after I've had my morning pick-me-up. ;-)

  2. Yeah, Elana. Welcome aboard. This is just for fun, but it does let writers test out some of their techniques and see how others tackle those tricky issues of creating writing that sizzles.

  3. I kept looking for this when you asked about ideas for a contest but just now found it after the fact.

  4. Sorry. I've been away at the SCBWI conference and doing some book signings, so I've gotten behind. I'll do something again later in the year.

    Thanks for stopping in.


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