Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fire Season 2009

This image was taken by Johnathon Alcom and appeared in this New York Times article.
Well California is into its burning season again, earlier even than last year. So today I'm updating my inventory, packing up a few treasures that I can live without during the summer and hiding them in a safe place, and gearing up for whatever the hot months bring.

My friends in Santa Barbara are out of their home for the second year in a row while firefighters try to contain another brush fire.

We're on water rationing in northern Cal., but not so far in the southern part--what's wrong with that picture? Our farmers are already being severely cut in their water supply. Where will the rice and peaches come from I wonder? Is anyone concerned? Is anyone concerned enough to think about taking out those lawns and putting in some native plants that don't require water?

I hope so. Check out Susan T. Brown's Blog for some help with those natives. She's doing a great job connecting her passion for poetry and her love of non-thirsty plants.


  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out. I'm sorry about your friends. It is so scary to think about those fires...year after year so many people lose so much.

  2. I hope you remain safe. I have family in southern and northern California...So far everyone is ok.

  3. Thanks for the thoughts. The firefighters have a tough job ahead of them, and we really appreciate all that they do to protect us.

  4. ugh, they do the same thing in Arizona. Every time I go out there to visit, I'm astonished by the number of lush green lawns that survive in the middle of a desert! And they wonder why allergies are suddenly becoming a problem there...


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