Monday, March 23, 2009

My Webpage Rocks

Thanks to Denise Biondo's brilliance, my website is super-charged. I'm so excited that I'm blogging!!!!


  1. Just love the sound when I click on those books on your shelves, C Lee.

  2. C. Lee - wonderful site for your books and stories. from K.M.Smith

  3. I <3 your webpage!

    The sound made me jump at first. Got my blood pumping.

  4. This is the BEST site I've ever seen. I want details, my friend, details...:).

    You asked me to connect in LinkedIn and this is where I eventually ventured to your site.

    Wow! I love it. Any information on who or how your site was created, I'd be VERY interested.

    You can email me at:

    If you get a chance, check out my blog at "Conquer All Obstacles" I have some awesome information on marketing and promoting.

    Looking forward to connecting.

    Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
    Internet Promotional Manager/ Professional Support Network for Writers
    “You Write – We
    Promote” “Conquer All Obstacles”


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