Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Books

Before I don my chef's hat and pull out the mixer from the back of the cupboard I have to share a couple of things in an about the world of writing for young readers.

Jen Robinson has a great post about The True Story of Thanksgiving, an upper middle grade non-fiction book that would be a wonderful addition to anyone's T'day celebration. Just from the description you can tell how much richer the history of our special day really is. I'm off to the bookstore this afternoon, so I can share this around our table tomorrow.

Laurie Halse Anderson's book, "Thank you Sarah:The Woman who Saved Thanksgiving," is another source to begin reading about the true background to our national holiday. It made me want to know more about this woman, so after the holiday flurry I plan to do a bit more digging into Sarah Hale.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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  1. I read Thank YOu Sarah to my kids last year. Good book, I had no idea!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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