Monday, October 27, 2008

Debutantes 2009 Halloween

You gotta take advantage of the great Halloween give-away at the Deb's Cafe Shop. There's even chocolates from L.K.Madigan (Flash Burnout, 2009).

Monday, October 20, 2008


Today is update day. I'm updating my blogs. I'm updating my website. I'm updating my muse to tell her vacation is over and she'd better book a flight home.

Sliding on the Edge is to be published March 24th, 2009. I have an ISBN. I have a publicist. I have the large economy sized Excedrine So I'm all set. And I'd better be because my galleys arrive today and I have to do a careful read. This is my last chance to make sure this book is as good as it can be.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Cybils

I'm passing this on to support these literary awards. It's exciting to discover great new books for young readers.

Nominations for the third annual Children's and Young Adult Bloggers'Literary Awards (the Cybils) are open now through Wednesday, October 15th. The goal of the Cybils team (some 100 bloggers) is to highlight books that are high in both literary quality and kid appeal.

This year, awards will be given in nine categories (Easy Readers, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fiction Picture Books, Graphic Novels, Middle Grade Novels, Non-Fiction Middle Grade/Young Adult Books, Non-Fiction Picture Books, Poetry, Young Adult Novels). Anyone can nominate books in these categories(one nomination per person per category). Nominated titles must be published between January 1st and October 15th of this year, and the books must be in English (or bilingual, where one of the languages is English). To nominate titles, visit the Cybils blog ( between now and 15th. A separate post is available for each category - simply nominate by commenting on those individual posts. If you are not sure which category to choose for a particular book, a questions thread will also be available.

Between October 16th and January 1st, Cybils panelists (children's and young adult bloggers) will winnow the nominations down to a 5-7 book short list for each category. A second set of panelists will then select the winning titles for the different categories. The winners will be announced on February 14th, 2009.

The Cybils' lists, from long lists to short lists ( to the lists of winners (, offer a wonderful resource to anyone looking for high-quality, kid-friendly books. The Cybils team has worked hard to balance democracy (anyone can nominate titles) with quality control (two rounds of panel judging by people who focus on children's books every day). They do this work because they consider it vital to get great books into the hands of children and young adults.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Glob

Yes, it is true. My blog is a glob. I am not cut out to be a blogette. Every time I start to write here, I think, "Who cares that I have writer's cramp this morning?" I need blogspiration, so where do I find that in the blogosphere? What makes some bloggers blog masters and others blog flops? It must have to do with blogattitude. So I'm sending my glob out for a blogadjustment and when I've been unglobbed, I know TheWriteGame will sparkle with true bloginess.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where I Live

is so important. It's a rural area, one of the few here with lots of trees, beaver dams and quiet, so I'm always distressed when anything threatens its survival.

Last year our water company became determined to log the watershed our small community abuts. We came together to fight and, thank heaven, we won. I love it when that happens. It reminds me of those old westerns when the good guys in the white hats ride off into the sunset.

We saved our habitat from ground skidding (aka drag trees down a steep ravine, increase erosion and destroy everything along the way) helicopter logging (large, noisy blade whirring overhead day after day), and the destruction of one of the last large stands of old growth redwoods (over a hundred years old).

Unfortunately, they're back, so we have to once again fight for something that is important and precious to us and to others who enjoy the peace of the forest.

Mountain Resources is doing a great job and needs support. I hope it gets it.

Thinking about Writing and

not doing a darned thing about it. I've spent this entire day darting around the web, trying to figure out if I'm doing enough to show that I'm a soon-to-be published person . . . with a book that has been bumped up to come out sooner than expected . . . with an editor that says my book's good enough that she wants it out NOW, that I'm a good writer (how often have I had that experience?). Up to this year it's been "Thank you, but no thank you." Fellow writers, I hate that, don't you?

This marketing stuff is very frustrating because when I'm clicking on websites, my brain is on freeze as far as creative energy goes. My characters might as well have R.I.P. over their heads and the plot, well where did that go? I won't even address dialog.

So I'm contenting myself with a journal entry, looking at the advertising column at my right with Angelina Jolie's stupendous lips and thinking about, hmmmm, lips.

An amazing synergy

It's all about working together and getting the job done at the Feast of Awesome. So many great ideas are being generated to promote the debut YA novels. The group is making even me enjoy marketing.

What to Read?

That is a very interesting question. First, I feel I have to (lots of times want to) read what's new and hot. Then I started thinking about my book that's coming out in spring '09, and where it would be in spring '10 or '20. I would like to think someone would still pick it up and read it several years after the publication.

With that idea circulating in my head, I went to the library and picked up three books that I had never heard of by first time authors who debuted in 2004, 2007 and early 2008.

I'm planning a read-fest this weekend and maybe even a note to the authors. You can never deny karma or at least you shouldn't