Monday, May 12, 2008

Line Edits

Almost done with my line edits. Nobody told me writing could be boring. They just warned me it might be stressful, rewarding, depressing, exhilarating, damage my ego, boost my ego, send me over the edge, save my sanity, exhaust me, pep me up, and in general fill up every waking moment of my life. Then the line edits arrived: Approve/Disapprove the space, the comma, the word change, the paragraph change, the font. HELP!

Actually, I am only complaining to have something to do while my mind goes out for walk around the block. I'm really pleased with how my editor comments. I like her suggestions and I like seeing the results. So far I've agreed with 99% of what she's done--which is mostly about my paragraphing and punctuation with a smattering of word/phrase changes.

Now that I'm done, the job does not seem as tedious as at the beginning.

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  1. Line edits, yes I can see how boring that would be. :) I'd imagine that the fifth or sixth time through, it would be downright mind-numbing. But the first time probably has an element of excitement, since this is your first book!! Woohoo!! :)

    Do you know your pub date yet?


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