Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Links, Crits, and Other Good Things

So, in my last entry I expounded on learning patience while slogging toward publication in the world of children's books. Something I'd really like to add while the fiction writing muse is on vacation is that all of the slogging isn't bad.

I've met some fantastic people who write excellent prose and who deserve recognition by agents and publishers. Their stories are engaging, their characters so real you relish the time you are able to share their joys, frustrations, defeats, and triumphs.

I'm privileged to be a member of two very fine critique groups. Each one is quite different in how it manages the critiques, but each offers the support and criticism vital for success in this very competitive field.

I love being able to link to one of my co-writer's excellent online journals. The interviews she's doing are so fun. Here's one with D.L. Garfinkle. Read it and enjoy.

Some Success

I've had another article accepted (not sold) at Constant Content. This one, Time to Relax, my friend, Nancy, will chuckle over. Nancy, did you get through whole week of goal/intention setting?

I've also had a request for a rewrite/re-submission on one of my short stories. I did the rewrite this morning and submitted it with fingers crossed. This is such a sloooow uphill journey. If I'm not learning how to write better prose, I am learning patience, something my grandmother held out little hope that I would ever do.