Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sept 23

Don't panic. It's not September yet; however, it will come . . . I hope. I'm attempting to be somewhat ahead. I'm actually considering planning something. An end of the summer party sounds appropriate. So, the end of summer is Sept 23, according to my calendar.

I've been made aware of the end of summer by the arrival of my Christmas address labels. Is that awful or what?

Panic will follow shortly--about October when my favorite holiday,Halloween,arrives. That's when I enjoy pumpkins and the amber light you have no other time of the year.

Just checking in with myself--something that should be done occasionally.

Monday, August 13, 2007

August 13

Did anyone notice this is the middle of August besides me? I have this deadline hanging over my head that is beginning to loom quite large and the end of August is that deadline. How many days are there in August? 31. Well, that's better than 30, and it is certainly a lot better than that terribly truncated month of February. Have to remember never to set an end of the month deadline in February.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Time to Write Something

What? You actually have sold something?
And someone actually wants to publish what you wrote?
Yes. Modestly I must tell you I have two pieces that will see publication this year. This in addition to all those other things I told you about but which I don't mention. Remember?
Oh, yes. I remember, but now what?
Well, I can tell people how great this is.
I can tell them I have accomplished this thing I want to do.
If you were not such an obnoxious muse, I might do better than I do.