Monday, February 26, 2007

Back on my game

Rain allows the outdoor person in me to settle for a desk, computer, and inside time for writing. So today I've actually accomplished writing more of my novel, submitting a finished story, and editing other writers' manuscripts. It's a vast improvement over last week when nothing but a lot of mental milling was going on.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


This blog is getting off to a very sloooooow start, primarily because the writer is off her game. Very little to share with herself let alone the blog. One thought comes to the fore based on a communication from another writer.
There's quite a stir among librarians and teachers over the Newbury award winner, The Higher Power of Lucky, and the author's use of "scrotum" in the first chapter. As my friend wrote, "Well, now [that teacher]can never read this book out loud. She's already had parents flip out because of a harry potter themed reading program, and there have been a bunch of other books that she's had to fight for. No matter how wonderful "the higher power of lucky" is, if she read it in her class, a whole bunch of kids would go home and tell their parents, "the librarian said 'scrotum' in school today."

My goodness, if it's not witches it's body parts that are stirring the Puritans. I thought this was 2007!