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Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Kick Off with Lisa Cocca, #InkRipples, and Cookies

Well this is the last Featured Follower of 2016. I can't believe that the year is close to being over, but it will be an exciting end because Lisa Cocca is a good storyteller. I'm so happy to have her here for the month of December. 

Her book is Providence, and I've already read and reviewed it. If you want to find out more about Lisa, here's her WEBSITE. If you want buy her most excellent book, it's available on Amazon. With KindleUnlimited, you can read her story for free.  Email Connect peeps, she's offering a FREE signed paperback. 

Connect with Lisa on Facebook and Twitter 

#InkRipples is a monthly meme created by Kai StrandMary Waibel, and Katie L. Carroll. They post on the first Monday of every month with a new topic. They're all authors, but you don’t have to be to participate.

For about two decades, neighborhood did a spectacular Cookie Bake. I know what you're thinking. Everybody comes bearing a dozen or so special holiday cookies, and then swaps with everyone else--and a good time was had by all. Nope. Not even close.

Everyone came with three cookie recipes and all the ingredients. We started about 4 in the afternoon and wound up the last batches about midnight. In between, we drank wine, nibbled on a pot luck buffet and exchanged Cookie Bake stories. "Remember in '90 when we forgot the sugar cookies in the oven next door and smoke poured out the windows?"

Flour and sugar was involved in every part of the evening. And at the end we produced over 2,000 cookies and at least 30 different kinds. With the graying of the cookie bakers, the kids took over for a while, but then it was time to retire the tireless Cookie Bake. Now we have the memories, and each one is perfect, even the burnt sugar cookie night. 

Here I am ready to roll. It must be early in the evening because I'm not dusted with flour yet.

My neighbor and I are deep into the mixing here, and we're still smiling, so it's not midnight yet!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving and Then What?

What comes after Thanksgiving? A hike, of course. If I'm thankful for anything is the chance to be out in a forest on a trail. And today was a perfect day for it. 

This is early with some overcast. No one on the trail this morning, except me.

I'm always on the lookout for poison oak and I never fail to find it. This little guy looks so sweet, but does it ever cause me suffering and itches galore if I touch it.

My shadowy selfie.

Rattlesnake grass. On a windy day, it gives you plenty of warning.

A bit sunnier as I head toward the coast.

A new pine sunning itself.

Dandelion looking up.

"The unquiet spirit of a flower
That hath too brief an hour." Ellen Mackay Hutchinson Cortizzoz

Along the trail there are always metaphors. Here's life's grand circle. Out of the dead stump a beautiful green bush thrives.

This is my last post about Gadget Girl and my November Featured Follower. It has been wonderful to share this author and her work with you. I hope you enjoyed meeting Suzanne and I hope you'll read and enjoy her books. Check out her AUTHOR'S PAGE

Congratulate the winner of Gadget Girl! Nicola at Burggraf's Blog is the lucky Email Connect follower.

Check back to find out who will be my December Featured Follower! Wow. The last author of the year already. 

Quote of the Week: “Trails are like that: you're floating along in a Shakespearean Arden paradise and expect to see nymphs and flute boys, then suddenly you're struggling in a hot broiling sun of hell in dust and nettles and poison oak…just like life.” 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Thoughts about 2017 & Tara Tyler's Cradle Rock

Thoughts about 2017

For this past year, I've been thinking of retiring from blogging and writing. Yet, when I considered how many people I'd miss contacting each week, I couldn't. 
However, I have made a decision about how I'm going to blog. I always enjoy helping writers get the word out about their books, so I started my Email Connect, hoping that I could do that, but maybe even more effectively than with just a one time appearance on my blog. 

I realize that with this new plan I'll only be able to choose 12 authors each year, maybe only 11 because I'm going to take one month off for RandR and a bit of travel. But I hope the trade off--in depth and month-long support instead of a one-time blog post--will be worth their while.

For writers who aren't my Featured Follower of the Month, I'm always happy to 
  • do a Spotlight on my blog
  • add their book to Goodreads TBR
  • tweet
  • share on FB
  • visit other websites and comment
  • give Thunderclap support

In 2017, I'm hoping to write about other things besides books. I'd like to post on topics of interest to me and hopefully my readers. I'm working on that now, and am going to make a stab at it starting January.

I'd like to know what you think about my plan. I could use some feedback.
  • Hate it? 
  • Kind of like the idea, but not sure? 
  • Love it? 

Now, since it's still 2016 and I've not changed anything yet . . .

Tara Tyler has a new book out in December, and she here today to tell you all about it! It's all yours, Tara!

Add to your Goodreads TBR List
by Tara Tyler
Release Date: December 1, 2016

Welcome to the forest.
Gabe and his girlfriend Ona are headed in opposite directions for Spring Break. After finding out humans might be a real part of their history, Ona is determined to dig up evidence of them in the mysterious mountains at Camp Cradle Rock. Being a logical goblin, Gabe tries to talk her out of it, but there's just no reasoning with a stubborn ogress.

When Ona goes missing, Gabe and his friends fly to Cradle Rock to search for her and discover a village of trouble, igniting an age old war. His physical skills may be lacking, but Gabe won't give up. With the help of his diverse group of friends, he will find a way to save his girl and maybe all beastkind. Humans, bah!

And here's the book trailer! With sketches from my super fantastic inside illustrator, Laura Kramer.

Quote of the Week: The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." Alan Watts, Philosopher and Writer