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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group Wed

Alex Cavanaugh

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Julie Flanders, Murees DupĂ©, Dolorah at Book Lover, Christine Rains, and Heather Gardner! 

Let me count the Insecurities this month. 

1) I finished that manuscript I've been wrestling with for weeks, months--let's be honest--years. It went to my all time favorite editor. She liked it. Then I sent it to an author who asked to read it. I'm still chewing my nails about that. Maybe there are really 3 Insecurities in this one paragraph, but I'll bundle them into a unit. 

2) I set up a Special Offers Mailing List and that was a huge Insecurity Issue for me, but I have a good start on my list of people who are willing to let me invade their inboxes once a month and offer them books or other rewards for taking up their time. 

Denise Covey, Yolanda Renee

3) I entered the WEP August Challenge and posted a bit of description. There were some excellent entries in this HOP, so I had every right to be Insecure.

4) My WIP is at 26,000 words and I'm terribly Insecure about it because I'm experimenting with it, so I'm either going to make something good or something really bad. 

5) I was hugely Insecure when I invited Barry Lyga to be a guest on my site. I'm still experiencing fan-girl symptoms. He's a super writer.

Well, that's enough about my Insecurities. Now I'm off to see what others have to say about theirs this first Wednesday of September.

Here's to fall! 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hats Off Corner Welcomes Barry Lyga

Hat's Off Corner Welcomes Barry Lyga

Last month I read Boy Toy by Barry Lyga and knew I'd be one of his fans from then on. I admit to some gushing in a comment on his blog, and then I did a very bold (for me) thing. I emailed him and asked him if he'd care to visit my blog. And HE SAID YES!!

So here is one of new favorite authors. Mr. Barry Lyga. And here's my REVIEW of Boy Toy if you want to see what I wrote.

Barry Lyga's Website

You're a busy dad and author, so I wanted you to know you made my month by taking time for this interview here on The Write Game.  

Let's start with one question I always like to hear the answer to: As a writer I look to others whom I enjoy reading for inspiration. Do you have a writer or writers you read for inspiration?

B.L.  I tend to be inspired by whatever it is I'm into at the moment. There are some things I read in my youth -- the comic books of Paul Levitz and Alan Moore, REPLAY by Ken Grimwood -- that have lingered and seem to inform everything I do, but in general, I don't go any particular author in search of inspiration. I read for amusement, for pleasure, for the joy of seeing someone craft with words. Inspiration is a nice side effect, when it happens.

Me: Can you talk a bit about your experience with rejection, how you handled it, what you learned from it? Any “advice” to those who are still getting the “Thank you, but no thank you” letters?

B.L. My advice is simple: Get used to it. There's this myth out there that once someone says "Yes," you'll never hear "No" again. Nothing could be further from the truth. I've been a professional novelist for ten years; I've published over a dozen books, including a New York Times bestseller, and I still get rejections. You just have be prepared for it. I generally try to assume that everything I do will be rejected. Then, if it isn't, I get a nice surprise! Whatever your coping mechanism for rejection happens to be, don't toss it out the window with glee when you get that first acceptance -- you'll need it again.

Me: Is there a story behind the story of this latest book that you wish to share? The ah-ha or lightning moment where the story inspiration struck?

B.L. For AFTER THE RED RAIN, I guess the moment was when Rob and Peter told me the basic idea of it and asked me to write it! I thought, "I bet I could write the hell out of that!" It's up to the reader to determine whether or not I did, of course!4. What’s the hardest part of being a successful, published author? (i.e. finding time to write, creating new books that are of the same caliber as your other successes).

You can get your copy NOW

Me: What’s the hardest part of being a successful, published author? (i.e. finding time to write, creating new books that are of the same caliber as your other successes).

B.L. I have trouble with this question because I don't entirely agree with the premise -- I don't think of myself as "successful." I think of myself as failing more gracefully, perhaps! For every book I've published, I can think of someway I failed it, either by missing a great moment or not pushing it out into the world hard enough. You come close with the idea of "creating new books that are of the same caliber as your other successes." I've always wanted each book of mine to be better than the one before it. Sometimes, I've managed to hit that goal, but other times not. Finding time to write is a problem only insofar as I'm now a stay-at-home dad and my first priority is my daughter. But even with that tiny, adorable, slobbering obstacle in my way, I've still managed to find time to write a new book this year. The hardest part of this life, truthfully, is the very real fact that once I've written a book, it's fate is pretty much out of my hands. The publisher, the booksellers, and the readers will determine its fate, and there's pretty much nothing I can do about it at that point. A tough lesson!

Me: "Failing more gracefully" is going to go on my bulletin board. But if your other books are as riveting as Boy Toy I'll come by and disagree with you--nicely.

Thanks again. It has been great to read your answers. Hope others will glean help from them. And here's to your latest book--After the Red Rain--just out and getting fab reviews. 


Quote of the Week: 

What do you think about Barry Lyga's answers to my questions? Hope you'll take a look at what he writes. It's refreshing and bright stuff. How about you and rejection? What's your take on that part of life?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hot August Nights Special Offer Winners, WEP Spectacular Settings, Hats Off Corner Welcomes Medeia Shariff

I sent my subscriber-peeps my Hot August Nights Special Offer and I have two winners, chosen at random. Christine Rains and Mike Boyd will each receive $10 to add books to their libraries or their Kindles, Nooks or bookshelves. Congrats. And thanks for adding your name to my Special Offers Mailing List. Stay tuned for next month's offer. 


Anyone interested in joining Denise Covey's and Yolanda Renee's WEP Hop? HERE'S where you sign up. Not too late. I've already posted my contribution, and you might like to see what others have written.


Hats Off Corner welcomes Medeia Shariff
HOT PINK IN THE CITY, Prizm Books/Torquere Press
Release Date: August 19, 2015
Purchase from PrizmAmazon (vendor links will be updated on the author's site)

Asma Bashir wants two things: a summer fling and her favorite '80s songs. During a trip to New York City to stay with relatives, she messes up in her pursuit of both. She loses track of the hunk she met on her airplane ride, and she does the most terrible thing she could possibly do to her strict uncle... ruin his most prized possession, a rare cassette tape.

A wild goose chase around Manhattan and Brooklyn to find a replacement tape yields many adventures -- blackmail, theft, a chance to be a TV star, and so much more. Amid all this turmoil, Asma just might be able to find her crush in the busiest, most exciting city in the world.

Find Medeia – YA and MG Author

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Enter the HPITC book blast giveaway!

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Quote of the Week: "Life is like a lot of jazz--it's best when you improvise." George Gershwin

And that's a wrap! Are you in the hop? Do you hop? (Just kidding.) Want to find out about that rare cassette Asma ruins? Improvise much?